Saturday, 12 October 2013

Nearly 1 year on!

Well in 4 days it will be a year, yes a whole year since had my right corneal transplant.  It has been a long journey with problems in the first few months of it, that can read about on this blog.  But fingers crossed most of 2013 has been fine.  I had a check up Monday just gone and everything is fine.  The vision is not great but they hoping that might improve when the stitches are removed.  That is the next step, they booked me in for next month to have all the stitches removed.  I know from my own research some consultants do it different, for example may leave them in for a shorter or longer period of time or remove a few at a time.  With my consultant this is his way and to be fair to him he has a superb reputation.  Below the type of stitches I have is on the upper diagram.

In 2006 he removed all the stitches from my graft on the left eye so at least I know what to expect.  And as have discussed in this blog, it is a painful process.  Not so much the time when the stitches are coming out as can not feel that but the initial time afterwards.  It feels like a horrid burning feeling and very sensitive to light. Once the eye get's used to the stitches not being there any more and becomes smooth surface all fine then. What are my hopes for after they are removed?

I would say I am not relying on any great vision coming out of it and anything better than what I did have will be a bonus.  I just count myself lucky that someone who had severe KC before the grafts, I am grateful that I have sufficient vision with my glasses.  Anyway we shall see what happens.  The main thing now is that both eyes are nearly sorted before our little girl or boy arrives in the world.  I know one day I may have to go through the process again but I imagine in 20-30 years time technology will have moved on so much that who knows what they will be capable of doing then?

If there is anyone about to or going through process of a corneal transplant and have any questions feel free to ask me on @cornealgraft on twitter


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